Friday, January 22, 2016

Blowing Kiss

I did this as an entry for the Valentine's Day community showcase for Guild Wars 2. It's a painting of my human necromancer and it's been a learning process all the way through. I've never tried fully painting digitally, but I've always been interested. This has been a huge leap versus my normal art style, and I feel I've finally broken out of my barrier.
Huge thanks to KejaBlank and KingKaijuice on DeviantArt for teaching me so much about choosing colors and what they mean. I've learned a lot about shading and what colors to pick as well as lighting. I've learned about different brush strokes and techniques. I've learned of the effectiveness of a background no matter how simple it is. There's so much I've been taught and thanks to them tutoring and guiding me, I've managed to complete this. I'll continue practicing and hope to get better.